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brainstorming a

This is an audio-visual representation of how I brainstorm a proposal related to the idea of module.

Works referenced:

Chando Ao, Vessel, 2021, each: 88 in.(h) x 12 in.(base) (223.5 x 30 cm), CNC aluminum pole, 3D printed aluminum, jewelry, hair bands, live flowers.

Wang Ye, Seduce the Image, 2016, HD Video, 18:38 min, CRT Color Video Monitors, media player. Full video:

Huidi Xiang, hello kitty is 5 apples tall._exercise 002, 2021, the tall structure: 6 in.(w) x 31in.(h) x 15 in.(d) (15.2 x 78.7 x 38.1 cm); the drawing table: 13 in.(w) x 16 in.(h) x 17 in.(d) (33 x 40.6 x 43.2 cm); cement, acrylic sheet, MDF, wood, drawing printed on acetate. Website:

Huidi Xiang, my body is in the metric system., 2022, 1 meter x 3 feet x 5 apples, wood, foam, cement, caster wheels, 3D printed PLA, paper, pushpin, acrylic, clay, motor, video played onloop (excerpt from The Pink Panther Show “The Pink Blueprint”). Website:

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